Thank you Imiging

Thank you Imiging for the reblog. I am very grateful! Thank you everyone who was kind enough to like my photograph, I sincerely appreciate it. :-D

This was taken about 6 months ago. In fact i posted a few shots front hat shoot so you might have seen one that had a similar POV. I wanted to do more landscape practice so. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you!

Thank you very much to Photos With Seeing for the reblog of my photo. I am very grateful. And I would like to thank all of you who liked it as well, it truly means a lot to me. 

Thank you!

Another shot from the photo shoot a few weeks ago. It’s a similar to a recent post, just working on some more things. I find the post production difficult because:

1. There are so many ways you can take an image.

2. I don’t yet know enough to quite get what I’m looking for with both getting it in camera and refining the image in photoshop.

3. Limitations with lighting equipment and such can be an issue as well. That said, you can get a lot from simply using one light. 

Anyways, here is another portrait, different POV, etc. I hope you like it. 

Another shot from the other day. The last image felt like a classical portrait, a lot like a painting, but this one simply felt very natural, and relaxed, so I wanted to keep it that way in post. 

Sharon was kind enough to sit for a portrait for me. I really enjoy low key lighting and wanted to practice. I wanted to create a feeling of a classic, almost painted, portrait. 

Morgan Freeman is certainly thinking about you..