A very interesting cloud formation formed over the neighboring apartment complex. It looks like an angel to me. What do you think? 

Training Wheels.

Getting in a last bike ride before it’s time to come in.

Listening to something while doing a bit of editing…

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Here is another tree that caught my attention from the Easter egg hunt in Tappan Square this morning. I hope he didm;t mind his picture being taken.

Spring is finally beginning in my little corner of the world. We attended an Easter egg hunt in Tappan Square and I couldn’t resist getting some shots of the trees. I think it’s the Celtic in me. 

Tonight there was a beaufiful Sunset. Now I did not have My tripod with me. My lens does have image stabilization though, but even with that I only got one good image. It’s ok, though, at least I got this one. :-) 

Here is another shot from the other day’s white portrait shoot. 

Anonymous asked: How do you do your bed sheet photography? I can't seem to get the infinite white background to the same effect.

I light mine with a speed light. Then I use photoshop to help get out the wrinkles, etc. Because the speed light doesn’t quite light the back evenly I will use a tool, like the clone stamp tool, making sure I sample the brightest part of the back, and paint out the wrinkles. It gets touchy around the subject though, so you’ll have to mask them with a selection first. You’d use the same process as removing a person from the background, but you’re not actually removing them, you’re just painting it in. 

One day then I have a studio, I can use a seamless and light it properly :-) Until then though, it’s a mix between my speed light and photoshop. I hope  this helps. Let me know how it works for you. :-)

Another white portrait from the bed sheet photographer. :-)