Morgan Freeman is certainly thinking about you..

Ok, this is a very different one for me, but hey, you have to push yourself and try doing something new. I learned a lot and some techniques I feel I can apply in other ways on future works.

May we never loose our willingness to imagine, our willingness to allow our creativity to take us to new places and see new sights. 

Society 6 Page

I now have a Society 6 page, with only now art piece for sale, but it’s a start. ;-)

Here is a third shot from the other day. this one I wanted to make less fairy tale like and focus on it being more of a beauty shot. 

This really had taken me a long time today, but I really like the results. I can see definite flaws but I’m learning every day. It really is the process. 

Did I ever mention how much I love colors? When you have a perfect subject, then everything comes together so easily. 

I have been on this site for over a year and have not posted a photograph of myself. I’m actually kind of camera shy. Anyways, here I am. Thank you to my son for clicking the shutter for me, lol. 

My new composition will include a lot of these guys…